Substance Abuse

What Is Substance Abuse?

Mental Health America notes that, ‘for many individuals, consuming low or infrequent doses of substances is not uncommon. Sometimes individuals use substances experimentally or casually. If this is the case, serious negative effects should not occur. If using substances starts to have a negative effect on life, it’s a sign of possible addiction. There are many symptoms and warning signs of substance abuse and dependence including:

> Continuously using drugs or alcohol even while experiencing negative side effects

> Finding out that you are using more and more drugs or alcohol to get the same “good feeling”

> Physically feeling like you need to use drugs or drink to feel normal

> Feeling sick (withdrawal symptoms) including – trembling, hallucinations, sweating and high blood pressure when you stop using drugs or drinking

> When doing drugs or drinking interferes with work, school, and relationships’

Facing substance abuse alone is not a good game plan.

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