It can be difficult to acknowledge a problem or to ask for help

Your support could be a game changer in helping athletes to be their best self and to reach their potential.

Many barriers stand in the way of athletes to find proper support. If athletes face an injury, they seek medical attention. The same attention is needed if you think an athlete is struggling with a mental illness. It can happen to anyone. Shame and shutting someone out doesn’t help.

It is our belief that every athlete, coach and parent in the sports community should have access to tools that inform, educate and provide support in the face of a mental illness

Learn About Common Mental Illnesses:

I Think Someone On My Team May Be Facing:

Stress and worry are things we all feel from time to time. However when anxiety becomes overwhelming or interferes with your daily life, this may be a sign of an anxiety disorder.

Feeling sad or down are normal things we all experience. But if you begin to feel intense sadness and loss of interest in the activities you once enjoyed, you may be experiencing depression.

Listening to society’s image of a ‘ideal’ body shape and size can negatively affect how we look at our bodies. When we obsess over food or use it as a coping mechanism, this can lead to an eating disorder.

There are a variety of reasons why people choose to use substances. However substance use (even with legal substances) can lead to risky behaviour and dangerous consequences.

When life gets hard and confusing it can be difficult to feel in control. While we all cope with our emotions in different ways, some people do so by intentionally injuring themselves.

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